Saturday, 31 October 2009

Begin Smart Books

0-6 months:

Animal Faces. A sweet cloth book with a rattle will capture your babies attention with bold blacks, reds, and whites!

Look Around and Listen. This is a fold out board book that encourages your baby to follow a sound. They will learn about clapping hands, jingling keys and more. It comes in a PEVA bag and a bird squeaker is included!

6-12 months:

Baby Says Cards. Baby's first words on eye catching cards held together with a teething ring. Great for learning about the world around!

Bouncy Baby. This is one of our favorites! It is a lift the flap book that gets your baby interacting (clapping, waving, bouncing). It also helps teach object permanence.

12-18 months:

Peek-a-Boo What?. This is another one of our favorites. It was an absolute hit with a 9 month old I was watching. This lift the flap book features vivid colors and illustrations and delights with your baby's favorite game...peek-a-boo!

Push the Button. Your child can push the soft vinyl button to hear a squeaky sound. The button appears through the die-cut book becoming several different objects (flower's center, helicopter's propeller, etc).

18-24 months:

Hooray for Hands. This makes a nice sequel to Feet Are Neat (one of Graham's favorites). Children are taught all the fun things hands do in a rhyming, sing-songy feel!

How Many Beeps?. Such a cute book that incorporates a vinyl button you can press to beep the horn that shows through each page! Counting is the focus in this book as the trucks on top travel as the page is turned.

There are so many wonderful titles to choose from and it is so easy to get caught up in their fun website! These are absolutely perfect ideas for Christmas gifts. Give the gift that will give back!

Now, one GRAND PRIZE winner will receive the complete set of all of the Begin Smart Book titles listed here. 3 other winners will receive 4 backlist titles: What Does Baby Do?, Splish Splash, Hello Baby, and One-Two!

Enter at Go Graham Go by Nov 6th!