Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Silly Bilyz Bib Giveaway!

Review by My Wee View:

The Silly Billyz Fleece Pocket Bib, has great features you would not necessarily know are great until the day of your first feeding. For starters, the bibs are PVC and lead free. When I began reading about plastics, I was appalled at the contaminants list in many products – our family now shops wisely and closely researches what comes into our home. Before kids, I might have thought the bib pocket was for storing toys, but it turns out it catches the big globs of food that your kid’s mouth misses at EVERY feeding. Bottom line: less mess (is there a parent out there who wouldn’t appreciate that?). The double snap closure is great for any child that loves to pull their bib off (i.e. every child) and also means that it can be adjusted for different sized necks. Before, I never would have thought that a child could grow out of a bib, now I know growth happens at an alarming rate – even at the neck. The fleece is stain resistant (the strained carrot cleaner in this family loves this feature) and does not pill, making your purchase worth every penny.

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