Saturday, 24 October 2009

Wahloo Fleece Pouch Style Baby Sling $64

Review by J. Leigh Designz:

I had the opportunity to review the Fleece Pouch Style Baby Sling from Wahloo and loved that they had a warmer option for baby! First things first- let me tell you out of all the carriers, wraps, and slings I've tried this one is the easiest! It's practically fool proof! If you want to see just how simple it is you can check out a few of their wearing instructional videos, seen here. The fleece is super warm and super soft! Easily washable! More washable then any other I've tried! I love that literally throwing it over your shoulder is all it takes! You simply open the pieces of fabric and slide the baby in! The pocket is not only good sized but fashionable as well.

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