Monday, 2 November 2009

Babalu Classic Toys

Review by A Giveaway Addicted Mommy:

Babalu’s cornerstone product is FeltTales®, felt story boards made from safe, soft and colorful felt. These brought back memories of pre-school where we would make up stories using felt people. I think I spent hours in my own little world. Each FeltTales story board has at least 19 moveable felt pieces and a different theme, varying from princesses to dinosaurs. There is also a story starter on the back of every FeltTales story board, if your child needs a starting point or some inspiration. FeltTales story boards have a convenient travel handle and storage pouch for storing felt pieces so they are perfect for long car rides. To think, you can listen to your own music instead of another playing of the Wiggles! (or is that just in my car?) We have the Busy Day at the Farm FeltTales and since Jake loves animals he has been having a blast with this. I know he is making up a story, though I am not sure anyone but him knows what it is about - isn't that great!

Babalu recently acquired the company WJ Fantasy that specialized in nesting blocks, building blocks, advent calendars and books for more than 25 years. For my little builder, we chose the My Tool Box with Four Board Books (Ages 3+ • $19.95). Jake always watches daddy fixing things around the house and loves to wear the little denim tool belt and stick his tools in the pockets. The tool box keeps them all together when not in use (though not as sturdy as I would have liked) and the books help teach what each tool is used for (hammer, saw, pliers and screwdriver). If you child likes Handy Manny like my son, this is a perfect gift.

Giveaway: Winner's Choice of Babalu product from the FeltTales or WJ Fantasy lines.

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