Sunday, 1 November 2009

Fill Your Own Water Bottle Giveaway

Fill Your Own is a company that started with a birthday wish, Annettes husband told her that for his birthday he wanted their household to be greener and not use disposable plastic water bottles. He wanted to know if she could find them some water bottles to refill on their own. She looked at all different kinds of bottles, glass, aluminum and stainless steel. She liked aspects of each bottle but not one of them had everything they are looking for. Her husband said "you can do better", so she pondered said statement.
The following was taken from the site:
A week later, Fill Your Own Inc was born. We wanted practical every-day-use water bottles that were also eco-friendly, healthy and safe. We designed our bottles with our 4-year-old daughter in mind which meant quality was very important. And of course, the caps had to be leak proof. Unknowingly, our daughter tested this for us by sleeping with the prototype bottle and yes, her bed was completely dry in the morning.

We also wanted being 'green' to be fun and stylish - we added beautiful artwork to the exterior of our water bottles. Whether for kids or adults, our four different bottle sizes and three different caps are perfect for everyone. We are very proud of our bottles and want to add them to your lifestyle.

Giveaway: A water bottle of winner's choice!

Enter at Jabbering Jessi by Nov 8th!