Thursday, 5 November 2009

Liquid Soul Giveaway!!

Review/Giveaway info by Park-Avenue Princess:

What would you say if I told you that *I* have the key to you winning your choice of either a Kindle 2, Sony Pocket E-Reader or the new Barnes & Noble Nook? What if I said that that's the GRAND Prize in this Contest/Giveaway? Are you interested in Second and Third Place Prizes as well? This is it! The "Giveaway to Sell Your SOUL For..." Why are we calling it that? Hell-O did you see the GRAND PRIZE? The real reason is that debut author Matthew Carter is sponsoring this Giveaway to celebrate his first book "LIQUID SOUL"! Cute huh? (I came up with that idea...and yes, I even surprise myself sometimes) Which ever reader the winner chooses will also come with an ebook copy of LIQUID SOUL!

Now that I have your FULL attention, Let me remind you of the post I did on the book LIQUID SOUL which can be found HERE. Second Place Prizes will be (Two Winners) Hardcover copy of LIQUID SOUL *signed* and a Gift Card for $20.00 to! Third Place will be (Five Winners) A *signed* Trade Copy of LIQUID SOUL! Isn't that an Amazing Prize Package?

Enter at Park-Avenue Princess by Dec 24th!