Saturday, 14 November 2009

Pearl Paradise Giveaway!

Here is a little bit about Freshwater Pearls:

"Freshwater pearls are the most common type of pearl produced today. Their unique shapes and wide variety of colors, combined with their attractive prices and charming character, have made them a favorite amongst jewelry designers, shoppers, and pearl connoisseurs alike. While they characteristically range in shape from very baroque to nearly round, the freshwater pearls we sell at Pearl Paradise are as round as they come, nearly indistinguishable from akoya in their shape. Our trademark Freshadama line of freshwater pearl jewelry is guaranteed to be the best in the world." You can check out more on the history of pearls by checking out the Pearl Education section on Pearl Paradise.

***One very lucky reader will win a 7.0-8.0 mm Lavender Freshwater Pearl Bracelet!

Enter at Kiddies Corner Deals by Dec 1st!