Friday, 19 March 2010

My Precious Kid

Review by Toni:
My precious kid sent a perfect and adorable Swaddle blanket for my niece to use for Conner. Now this was something I wish I had with my kids. My babies loved to be swaddled and it can get pretty darn frustrating with some of the receiving blankets out there these days. Some re way too small and others way too big. Plus it was always so hard to get it just perfectly tight enough that they cant wiggle out of it. Well with this swaddle blanket all the work is made easier for you. You just lay the baby one the triangular blanket Velcro the middle section over the baby and then fold over the ends and Velcro and done nice and tight and perfectly comfy for baby. That is awesome. My 3 year old had to be swaddled until she was almost a year old to sleep good. It was crazy and this would have made life so much easier.

One lucky reader will win a swaddle blanket of their own!

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