Monday, 29 March 2010

Zigo Leader X2

Ride alone, or with your kids {front or back}, or use in stroller or jogger mode {easily converted into any mode in 30 seconds or less, no wasting time}. All-in-one; no need to buy a new bike, a bike trailer, or a jogging stroller…Zigo Leader X2 has them all in one spectacular product {with so many additional features {and accessories available} as well, view them all here}! Think of the possibilities! A “ride” to the park could mean so much more for the entire family! Anyone who is ready for a more active family lifestyle should look into this, cheaper than buying a “home gym system” for yourself, and that’s just for you…what about the kids? If you’ve ever seen how thrilled little ones are to ride in a bike trailer, you’d been sold already!

Enter at Seeryus Mama by April 5th!