Saturday, 10 April 2010

Bazzle Baby

The inspiration:
Bazzle Baby is a family owned and operated company. Amanda Davis, founder and president, had always wanted to be a Mother. She had also, always wanted to create her own business, which her husband, Andrew (aka Baz) was well aware of. So, when their first child, adorable Daisy, entered her life, complete with all those baby dribbles, spit-ups and messy highchair feedings, Amanda started envisioning new and improved baby bibs!
Soon Daisy started teething and drooling like a superstar and SHAZAM--the Big Idea came: let's create high fashion baby accessories that not only function fabulously, but look smart too! AND that's where it all started. The Davis Family grew and so did the Bazzle Baby line. With each new "issue" that came up (Lola is a bit messy) a solution was designed...the Burper, Bitsy Bib, Big Bib and little Matilda needed something to keep her binky nearby...the Paci Clip joined the family.
Curious about the name?
The name Bazzle Baby comes in part from my husband's name "Baz," our babies, and our products that make every outfit dazzle as they help your baby through the day!" - Amanda
Our products:
We, as a company, when developing our products believe it is important not only have each product tested by parents, but also to have them safety tested. Materials used in our products do not contain harsh chemicals that would irritate your baby or ours. Every product is designed with purpose and love in mind.

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