Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Potty Tots

How Potty Tots Got Started:

My name is Jill Leech and I am, first and foremost, a mother of three children, Ricky, Emily and Shannon. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a teaching credential in Social Sciences. Even with all of this experience with children, I found myself at a loss for potty training my youngest child.
When my husband and I adopted Shannon, our third child, from China we attended parenting classes to deal with some of the behaviors she was exhibiting. In these classes we learned that children who have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder, Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Development Disorder, or labeled as “strong willed,” really need structure to feel secure. They also need a lot of visuals and specific programs to follow with positive and tangible rewards.

I know that ALL children can benefit from various learning styles, structure and positive reinforcement. So I set out to find a potty training program that would not only show my daughter how to go potty, but would also engage her in the potty training process and encourage her to be independent and “Do” for herself.

As a teacher, my favorite motto for my students is,

“When I hear, I forget,
When I see, I remember,
When I DO, I understand.”

I believe all children can benefit from this philosophy of learning. From my experience, it is also SO important to make learning FUN! Children who are involved in their own learning and having fun are much more likely to be motivated, and successful.When I was having trouble finding a program like this, I decided to make my daughter an illustrated potty chart of her very own. She loved it! She was motivated to follow the steps because she could see what was expected of her. She loved that the little girl on the chart looked just like her! She felt independent and had a sense of pride when she accomplished these tasks.Independence and pride are the keys to building a healthy self-esteem. I could tell she was well on her way when she proclaimed, “I can do it, all by myself!” This common little phrase among toddlers would become our motto for Potty Tots. I shared these charts and schedule cards with the instructor of my parenting class, who in turn, shared them with other parents in her program.

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