Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chipoupine Sleeping Bag

Review by Marina:
The work that has gone into the design aspect of the Turtle Sleeping Bag is a piece of art to be appreciated. The fabric twirls, the heart and turtle motif and the piping, all make the Sleeping Bag stand out in design from regular sleep sacks.

The overall body is more firm than a regular sleep sack, thus living up to its name literally as a sleeping bag.
(Sleepsacks/bags are a safer alternative to a blanket especially if you will not be co-sleeping with baby. It minimizes the risk of suffocation and ensure baby stays warm and covered while asleep.)

Don't think this means the Gigoteuse is uncomfortable, rather its quite the contrary as it's made from 100% cotton on the exterior and 100% microfiber fleece on the interior.

One reader will have the opportunity to win
either the Turtle or the Flower sleeping bag.

Enter at EBMR by May 1st!