Thursday, 8 April 2010

Step 2 Canopy Wagon

Review by Jessi:
The canopy does not have to stay on the wagon and is fully removable if there is a time when you don’t want it on it. The kids have plenty of legroom in there and Maddisyn can sit in there with Holden without either of them touching the other which is perfect since Maddisyn loses it if Holden touches her. The weight limit on the wagon is 75 pounds which is fine since Holden weighed in today at 22 lbs and Maddisyn at 32 lbs so we still have a long while to go before we hit the limit. I forgot to mention earlier but the leg holes also have a built in drain which is great in case the wagon gets caught in the rain (it did easter morning) or the kids spill something and I need to wash it out. The handle is extra long and it folds underneath for storage, and for easy transportation you can take off the top and the posts and then it goes into the back of our van quite easily with our Boon Flair highchair, diaper bag, bag of toys and a plethora of Easter junk.

Step 2 is going to give one of my readers the canopy wagon (RV $99.99)

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