Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Womb For Two

The Base Cushion:

* Side slope allows lower shoulder joint to open, reducing arm numbness in the lower arm
* This open-arm design also creates more breathing room
* Incline elevates head to reduce heartburn
* Head-to-hip incline keeps the spine aligned
* Foam gently cushions the hip joint resting on the bed

The Head & Arm Cushion:

* Memory foam pillow cradles your neck and head, and is specially sized for side-sleeping
* Arm pillows reduce swelling and carpel tunnel symptoms in your arms, wrists and hands
3-in-1 pillowcase design keeps pillows where you want them

The Back & Belly Wedges:

* Wedges support belly and uterine ligaments at two levels as your pregnancy grows
* Supports your low back for correct spinal alignment and maintains side position

The Leg-V:

* Leg pillows ease low back and hip pain, as well as reducing sciatica-like symptoms, by supporting your leg at the correct height
* Full-length support reduces swelling in the feet and ankles (unlike other pillows that go between your knees but leave your foot hanging, making swelling worse through the night); can be doubled up for extra support
* 2-in-1 pillowcase design keeps pillows where you want them
* Easy-out configuration lets you get in and out of bed with safety and dignity (unlike body pillows that you have to crawl over every time you need to go to the bathroom in the night)

One reader will have the opportunity to win 2 Womb For Two wedges .

Enter at EBMR by May 15th!