Sunday, 4 April 2010

Yubo Deluxe Lunch Box

Your child gets to...
Carry his/her sandwich in a BPA free, antimicrobial container
Keep his/her salad and fruit cool in their respective BPA free, antimicrobial mini containers- thanks to the slender icepack
Keep a juice-box nice and chilled on the icepack
Eat his/her lunch on a plate (The lunchbox cover actually serves as a plate as well! Just make sure you instruct him/her to wipe it clean before enjoying a meal on the same. )
Keep the entire experience compact and not have to use a single Ziploc bag!

One reader will have the opportunity to win a sponsor chosen Yubo deluxe lunchbox (includes a standard faceplate and meal containers) for your little boy or girl.

Enter at EBMR by April 10th!