Wednesday, 5 May 2010


14-foot cleaning wand--with a snap from the handle you can reach cobwebs on your ceiling, clean ceiling fan blades, and get those hard to reach places in your home that tend to trap dust and dirt. The want is light and I had no problem using it, not to mention I’m short so I can use the extra telescoping length.

HEPA filtration with charcoal—captures 99.97% of dust and dirt and absorbs odors. This is fantastic when 3 of us in the family have both indoor and outdoor allergies!

Quiet motor—our old vacuum is so loud, the kids actually will pick up and leave the rooms when I’m cleaning. The Versatility has a smooth, low rumble that doesn’t make you want to run and get earplugs!
Carpet/hard floor switch—I love that we can switch between the two! The really powerful suction on the carpets uses the brush rollers, and they retract to use on wood or tile to not damage delicate surfaces!

Attachments—The Versatility comes with a dusting brush to use on baseboards, furniture, vents, and blinds. The crevice tool gets into the tight spaces. The turbo nozzle is for stairs and upholstered furniture, there basically isn’t a surface you can’t clean! The turbo nozzle on the cleaning wand also worked brilliantly in our CAR! Our old shop vac works, but motor can deafen you, so we hated using it.

Bagless—Saves money on replacing bags, the canister is easy to open and replace when emptying.

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