Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Energizer Emergency Kit

Here is a basic list of some of the things you should have in a emergency kit just in case.

What to Include in Your Emergency Power Kit

•Battery-powered radio or crank radio, to keep your family apprised of current weather-related news.

•Plenty of extra batteries. Energizer® Ultimate Lithium and Energizer® MAX® batteries (AA, AAA, C, D and 9-volt) provide long-lasting power before, during and after the storm. Lithium batteries have a long storage life, perform well in extreme temperatures and are perfect for use in LED flashlights and other high-tech devices, while Energizer® MAX® batteries are an ideal power source for standard flashlights and lanterns.

•Flashlight for every member of the family. Use flashlights instead of candles when the power goes out. Energizer® Weatheready™ lights feature long-lasting LED technology. With versatile flashlights and area lights, the Weatheready™line is designed to keep your family out of the dark.

•Battery-powered cell phone charger, to help keep the lines of communication open. Energizer Energi To Go® power packs help keep cell phones charged.

•Extra specialty batteries. Your health is your most important asset. Specialty batteries power critical health devices like hearing aids and blood glucose and blood pressure monitors.

**In addition to back-up power, it is important to gather additional emergency supplies such as water and nonperishable food and to be sure to have copies of important documents such as medical records and insurance papers. Even a outfit a pieces for each family members. Blankets, medicines and etc. For a complete list of tips for preparing for storms and important home fire safety tips, visit .

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