Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminators

The Home Spray – is a non-toxic odor-eliminating spray that is made with natural ingredients. It is great for spraying on pet beds, furniture, carpeting, in shoes, on carpeting, in garbage cans, etc.
Crystal Gel - is their best-selling and award-winning product! Just remove the seal, place the lid back onto the jar and place it wherever you need it in your home, office or at the gym. This product will effectively eliminate odors for 60-80 days!
Fresh Wash – This product is fabulous for removing odors in fabrics! You simply pour 2 capfuls into your washing machine and you are set to go! No more stinky socks and gym clothes!
Pearl Packs – The Fresh Wave formula in an easy-to-use & portable pearl pack! When you look at a pearl pack you will see tiny pearl-looking balls inside a mesh pack. You place these packs around your home in 
confined spaces where you need odor eliminated. (closets, drawers, sneakers, gym bags, in the car, etc.).

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