Thursday, 20 September 2012


Our first prototype
After a month of prototyping, the WOOMbie was born. After further testing and research, our product was launched nationally December of 2007, and Worldwide in late 2008.
Parents love The WOOMbie because of its easy IN/OUT design, stay put zipper which will not open or unravel and its unique 4 way stretch material. In a nut-shell, the WOOMbie helps to maintain the comfort levels of both baby and parent, easing undue stress and promoting a more  peaceful environment, which is greatly, greatly needed and appreciated during the first few months  of life during transition from the womb. Needless to say, I wish I had the WOOMbie with my 2 daughters before Bella.  It has helped me, my husband  Stash and our babies Bella, Bryce and Brody tremendouslly!  So many new parents and babies are achieving a smoother transition from womb to 6 months after using the WOOMbie. Read our testimonials, you will be amazed!

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